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Adidas brand centre 3d led launch & social video 

‘Homeground: We Got This’

glasses-free 3D LED Sequence  

Triken Studios was approached by Current Global to create a 3d sequence combined with live footage for the 90-degree outdoor LED display wrapped around the new Adidas Brand Centre, located at the Knightsbridge Mall in Singapore. The 3D sequence features Singaporean athletes and celebrities metaphorically overcoming adversity while running through a CG obstacle course.

Client: Adidas

Agency: Current Global

Creative Director: Vignesh Ilan

Post-production: Triken Studios

Green Screen shoot: Triplex Group

Music: @rauzanrahman


the process

Challenge & Previz

To create an immersive 3D action sequence with 8 live footage sports and media personalities navigating a CG obstacle course at the same time, while ensuring none of them collide with each other or the CG blocks that get in their way.

Most glasses-free 3D sequences feature a fully CG animated sequence, and in some cases, an instance of a live footage person composited into the sequence.

This Adidas launch video is the first ever glasses-free 3D sequence to conceptualise 8 live footage sports and media personalities running through the scene in all 3 planes of motion. This would mean we had talents:

Dropping in from the ceiling and shooting up from the ground (Y-axis), running across the scene in the x-axis, as well as running from the front to the back of the scene and vice versa (z-axis).

We created a 3D animatic to understand exactly where each live actor was going to be at a given time to avoid collisions in post.  


The live footage talents consisted of Adidas Creators:

Musician - Benjamin Kheng

Singer and model - Iman Fandi

Social media personality - Christabel Chua

Olympian - Shanti Pereira

SEA Games high jump record holder - Michelle Sng
Professional footballer - Jacob Mahler

MMA champion - Amir Khan

Female jiu-jitsu world champion - Constance Lien

Although only footage from a single locked camera angle could be used for the glasses-free 3D sequence, we set up 2 more cameras to acquire additional footage during the green screen shoot. 

The additional footage enabled us to edit a 1-min cutdown video for social platforms. Additional 3D angles were rendered to composite these new angles. 

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