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JLG product video

JLG's product video for their latest line

Triken Studios was commissioned to create a product launch video for JLG's AJP1500, The world's largest articulating boom lift at the time of this video. 



The treatment resembles a blueprint style to suit the product information that was to be conveyed in the video. Stats about the machine's full extendable height, control panel displays, working envelope etc had to be conveyed in a clean, eye catching manner to allow the audience to understand the full capabilities of the AJP1500.



Since the JLG AJP1500 is a new product, no 3d models were available and very few photos were available. Making use of the limited photos, we were able to stitch the best photos together to create a two dimensional machine in perspective. Each part of the boom lift was assembled in 2d and rigged to be able to animate the extendable arm.  

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