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The Negotiators

Opening titles for season 2

Series Description:

Delve into the minds of these adept mediators and unravel the complexities of navigating situations where a single misstep can prove fatal. What insights can they share about the art of negotiation? Explore four intense life-and-death scenarios and meet negotiators who have mastered the skill of tact in the face of lethal circumstances.

Motion Design Sequence:

The opening title sequence aims to use geometric shapes, emphasizing an Art Deco style, to intricately depict the tension between a hostage-taker and negotiator, emphasizing the delicate balance they seek to achieve.

the process


The animation illustrates the journey of a hostage negotiator using basic geometric forms and motion to depict the progression from the initial stages to achieving a balanced resolution. The negotiation journey, from inception to the safe release of hostages, unfolds dynamically, adapting to the unique circumstances and individuals involved. It was decided that the Hostage taker would be represented by the Red Square and the Negotiator by the Cyan circle.

Style frames for negotiators.png
storyboard negotiators.jpg

sequence outline

To properly animate the sequence and illustrate the pivotal moments of a negotiation, we higlighted key moments in the journey that should be represented within the motion graphics sequence:

  1. Initial Conflict Scene:
    • Red Square (Hostage-taker) and Cyan Circle (Negotiator) positioned apart symbolizing conflict.

  2. Activation and Command Center Prep:

    • Negotiator's phone rings, indicating activation.

    • Command center team (smaller circles) moves abruptly in preparation.

  3. Communication Establishment:

    • Hostage-taker extends a line (phone communication) toward Negotiator, forming a connection.

  4. Information Gathering:

    • Tabs above hostage-taker represent demands.

    • Demands fly to Negotiator

    • Sound waves symbolize active listening.

  5. Problem Solving and Options:

    • Negotiator collaborates with law enforcement (geometric shapes), arranging data like a puzzle.

  6. Buying Time and Negotiation:

    • Negotiator and hostage-taker exchange data, gradually moving closer.

  7. Release:

    • Hostages move to Negotiator's side.

    • Taker's square surrounded by jail lines

    • Zoom out to show scene on a geometric balance.

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