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'Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology' Event Launch 2016 Projection Mapping

This video features segments of a 3D projection mapping sequence Triken Studios created for Triplex Events, which was commissioned to organise the SWITCH 2016 event. The design brief, inspired by the SWITCH event logo, was to create the illusion of a structure outlined by travelling light tubes.


The sequences featured in this video were to be projected on 24 faces of the stage structure which resulted in a more accurate mapping of the visuals. This final sequence was then spliced with another motion graphics sequence via the traditional front facing projectors. Project: SWITCH Event Launch projection mapping Design: Triplex Studios Animation: Vignesh Ilangovan, Triken Studios From the SWITCH website: Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) is a brand new platform concept in Singapore where complementing tech and innovation events come together to “plug and play”.


SWITCH brings together partners in the technology, innovation and enterprise ecosystem in a series of complementary tech events in Singapore. SWITCH is the first platform in Singapore that will aggregate an array of public and private sector players in the innovation and enterprise ecosystem, to come together to build a concept week that showcases Singapore’s vibrant entrepreneurial and technology innovation ecosystem. SWITCH will feature exhibitions, conferences, workshops and activities revolving around topics such as open innovation, technology transfer, tech entrepreneurship, venture funding, and talent development. It also aims to open up a new genre of events that showcase the intersections of technology and lifestyle - the way we live, learn, work and play.


This year’s Techventure will expand its reach by partnering Slush Singapore, a non-profit ground-up tech startup movement, enhancing Singapore’s vibrant innovation and enterprise ecosystem and connecting it to the international community. A special feature this year to stimulate a ground-up approach to innovation and entrepreneurship is the recruitment and engagement of student volunteers from our local tertiary institutions who will play key roles in organising and operationalising Techventure and Slush Singapore.

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