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'Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology' Event Launch 3d Projection Mapping

Triplex Events teamed up with Triken Studios to create an award winning immersive projection mapping sequence for the 2017 Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology, SWITCH. This video was the event kick off video and had to utilise the stage structure for most of the sequence. The stage design consisted of a semi-circular centerpiece with 3 curved structures flanking it. 

The first part of the sequence starts with a light show, after which a 3d projection mapping sequence follows. The brief also requested that the sequence feature the six verticals to be discussed in this years event: Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Clean Energy, Space, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics.The final resolution of the video was 3072 x 960 and was projected onto the 19m x 7m structure. The Live recording can be found below.

The projection mapping sequence won Triken Studios 2 Muse Creative Awards.

Platinum Award - Show Opening Segment

Gold Award - Animation Video

The Process

The challenges were related to the sequence having no cuts and heavy on design. Most of the emphasis during production was on generating the FX while keeping the edit as seamless as possible in between transitions. 

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