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Synqq app video

synqq Product video to showcase ai capabilities

US based app development startup,  Synqq, commissioned Triken Studios to recreate their marketing video. The brief was to showcase how using this app would elevate it's users to being "Superhuman" with a focus on Synqq's AI capabilities.


The graphics had to convey the complexity and robustness of the artificial intelligence driving the app.

Synqq's Artificial Intelligence (Synqq AI) empowers individuals in their daily lives by :
- providing a memory of all your interactions,
- the easiest way to create multimedia content and share with right users,
- AI to organize all the content captured and shared at work, 
- facilitate better relationships. 

The animation had to depict how Synqq is an app that builds your professional network using it's AI. Synqq is also self-learning; its understanding of what the user is looking for grows with each time it is used.

Synqq enables users to issue a set of voice commands to navigate the mobile application, and create, share, or consume the content they need at work. Synqq AI model automatically recognizes names, entities, locations, and content based on prior interactions, making it an eminently effective tool to respond to commands, fill out forms, and locate salient information. Synqq takes speech from the user and applies it's Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named-entity Recognition (NER) to guide the speech to text translator.

We also created a series of in app animations to illustrate the AI in the app, as shown below.

the process
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