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Waferix product video

a novel drug delivery method

The pharmaceutical company, ixBiopharma, commissioned Triken Studios to create a product video featuring their patented drug delivery method, WaferiX. The brief was to create a video that explained the process and benefits of WaferiX while ensuring the video also matched their recent rebrand.

The WaferiX® technology consists of a small wafer prepared by proprietary formulation using the freeze-drying process. The technology is easily adaptable to a vast number of other FDA-approved drugs that require faster delivery or reduction in the loss of drugs due to hepatic and gastrointestinal metabolism.

the process


Our client preferred a minimalistic style so we conceptualised a treatment that conveyed the story without being too literal. We presented a few of our favourite motion graphic pieces from various studios to the client to clearly illustrate the minimalistic direction.


A common theme that came up during discussions with ixBiopharma, was to tie in the way the wafer dissolved on liquid contact. We experimented using smoke, particles, and stock footage of ink drops as transitions. 

waferix styleframes.jpg
ixBiopharma rebrand

The Rebrand

ixBiopharma recently rebranded so we designed our storyboard to reflect the new brand tones which included dark magenta or sangria and denim hues.


The wafer is intended to be placed under the tongue, which subsequently dissolves within one minute, releasing the active compounds for rapid absorption in a time-sensitive manner. 

We designed all the transitions and reveals with diffusion and osmosis in mind, to align with the drug delivery process. Most graphics in the sequence are introduced with an outline then coloured in using diffusion reveal. 

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